I l l u m i n e s t a

Consulting, Coaching and Facilitation

"Organisations don't transform; people do"

Richard Barrett 



Illuminesta focusses on individual transformation as the source energy for team, group and organisational transformation. 


Facilitator of Transformation

Working with individual and team transformation as the source of organisational transformation. Gita Bellin & Associates accredited Facilitator of Transformation and member of the GBA Executive Board. Highly experienced in supporting the development of GBA Facilitators of Transformation.

CTT Practitioner

Accredited Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) consultant at Practitioner level for individual, team, and leadership coaching and consulting work.

Executive Coach


Trained Executive Coach by Sir John Whitmore's Performance Consultants company to ACC level. Experienced in transformational coaching.

"... your past is no indication of your potential"

Ken Carey